Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Your personal strengths and needs are the basis for individualized goal setting and recovery. Approaches are collaborative; person directed and individualized. They assist you in rediscovering skills and accessing the community resources needed to live successfully and with a self-identified quality of life.

PSR approaches support people to have a meaningful life focused on the determinants of good mental health, including employment, education, social supports, basic living skills, leisure and wellness.

Our Behavioral Health Services can help.

Research indicates that mental health treatment can lead to reduction of anxiety, improved moods, clearer thinking, a greater sense of inner peace, increased self-esteem, improved relationships, and improved performance at work and school.  Secure Haven Behavioral Health offers a variety of treatment options for your convenience. Services may be provided in person -- in the office, your home, or the community – or via telehealth.

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