Community Transition

Secure Haven Care provides community transition services which covers non-recurring household start-up expenses for a person who is living in an intermediate care facility or a nursing facility and has chosen to transition to an Individual Options (IO) Waiver.

Some examples of non-recurring household start-up expenses could include security deposits and rental start-up expenses; essential household furnishings, such as furniture, window coverings, food preparation items, and bed/bath linens; start-up fees for utility or service access deposits, such as telephone, electricity, heating and water; moving expenses; pre-transition transportation necessary to secure housing and benefits; and initial grocery purchase, which may include food, cleaning products, and household supplies.

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Secure Haven Care (SHC) is a unique agency that believes in providing individualized care with highly qualified and motivated personnel. We see everyone as an individual with a unique set of needs and circumstances. Having personal experience in managing the needs of our own children we have turned our struggle into a passionate business. Offering both Development Disability and Behavioral Health Care services we have designed our business to meet the life-based goals of the people we are privileged to serve.

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